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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the place you can find the qustions many people have asked. Hope this helps you on your doll journey! 

  • Where do you get your dolls?

I personally collect all kinds of dolls.

I like to buy directly from the artist or company. You can purchase some second hand on DOA (Den Of Angels) as well. 

 I love the way they pose and how easy it is to customize them nowadays.

If you are interested in other types of dolls just go right over to google and search "ball jointed dolls."

A ton of companies, and artists should pop up :)

  • Are your dolls for sale?

If I do decide to sell my artist or company dolls, its usually on Den Of Angels.

When I get set up with my own dolls to see they will be sold here on this website.

  • How do you make your wigs? 

That, my friends, is partially a secret. 


It took me 4 years to teach myself how to make wigs. I started with a tutorial I found on google. I wanted to try to make a wig I couldnt find for my girl. It was a DISASTER!!! it was so bad, the hair has slipped and glue was everywhere. I said to myself "well, you can try again, or never do this again..." I tried another! and success! It was decent! 


It wasnt until I was asked by a dear friend to make her 2 wigs. I then tested about 10 different glues until I found something that worked for me. Another success! they looked okay! 


I then decided to try to work with color. I actually went to my hair stylist and asked her to teach me how to dye hair. We went over a lot of things, like how NOT to fry such delicate hair. How to conditon after bleaching. How to blend the color into other colors. I also love watching hair tutorials on youtube. Now, I have my own process on how I dye hair. 


From that I just kept practicing and taking on commissions. I try new things all the time. Its a learning process. Its loving something so much you just want it to be better every time. 


I suggest to all of you who want to make wigs: PLAY! Have fun! make mistakes! its all a learning process. Its all about what works for you. 

  • What materials do you use?
  • Alpaca Hair - can be washed and pre-combed, or raw and dirty (I get mine from

  • Glue - of your choice. I like making my own wefts beforehand, I find glueing it to the cap is easier. But there are many ways to do thi

  • Hair Dye/ Fiber Dye - I like Rit dye, Manic Panic, and Special Effects 

  • A comb - to be gentle as possible when brishing out hair. (start the bottom to the top, ALWAYS even with your own hair)

  • Conditioner - any kind really

  • Rubber gloves - to protect yourself from dying your fingers

  • An apron - so you dont get dye on yourself (I have a skeleton one)


  • Why is everything so expensive?

This is a great topic! What some people don't realize is that you have put time and love into your art. Its not just the cost of materials that comes into play. Its the time it took you to make the pattern, make mistakes, ruining the hair, having successes to move on to the next step. That all costs time, money wasted, and soemtimes broken hearts. After you factor in all of the odds and evens, you find a happy medium of your time, and what your product costs you to make. 

  • Links I find helpful
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